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Who Are We?

Frommer Boots is a high quality - low quantity outfit. We have been making western (cowboy) boots for over twenty years. We are "bespoke" bootmakers. This means custom in the fullest sense. Only the finest leathers, imported and domestic, go into the making of a pair of Frommer Boots. The construction techniques are those which have traditionally given the best wear and the longest life to the boots. The attention given to detail, as well as color coordination and other artistic considerations, put these boots in a class by themselves.

D.W. is an internationally recognized author of several books on the art of bootmaking. He has won a number of prestigious awards and has taken top honors in every guild prizework competition that he has ever entered...including "Best of Show" and "Bootmaker of the Year." Frommer Boots are on permanent display at the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum in Los Angeles and at the time of its opening D.W. was the only custom bootmaker in the United States commisioned to make boots for the museum. Frommer Boots have been displayed at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City -- in the show A Century of Western Fashion -- and, again, D.W. was the only contemporary bootmaker asked to contribute.

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Quality Will Speak For Itself

A good handmade boot will have some or all of the following features.

Finally, a good handmade boot will usually be made on a last that shows respect for the structure of the foot; particularly the heel, the arch and the ball of the foot. The arch distributes the weight of the body evenly between the massive heel bone and the bones at the ball of the foot. Manufacturers are notorious for raising or lowering a last to fit a particular heel they want to build. Some bootmakers do the same. Lasts that throw the weight too far forward can cause foot problems that can last a lifetime.

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"What's Your Pleasure... Work, Dress or Show?"

Work Boots

We make boots for the working cowboy, the ranch hand and those who simply want a rugged pair of boots that will take the abuse of an active lifestyle. Central to the characterization of a boot as "work," "dress," or "show," are the fundamental construction techniques which are used, the style of boot and, of course, the choice of leathers. Work boots can be virtually any style from the classic four piece "dress wellington," to the two piece "full wellington," to the lace-up or "packer." We offer all these styles in a variety of heel heights -- from 7/8" to 2" -- and toes shapes as diverse as wide round and narrow square. As a general rule, work boots are typically constructed of leathers that are a little heavier than usual and these leathers are often impregnated with oil or employ some other finish which resists water and barnyard acids. Browns and black are the rule and ornamentation or color combinations are usually of secondary importance.

full welington
larger view

Dress Boots

This category covers a wide range of style and preferences. A dress boot can be constructed of virtually any "finished" leather and any color or combination of colors. As with all Frommer Boots, the preferences of the customer are as much a part of the design process as the skill of the bootmaker. From "peewees" to high stovepipe tops, from multiple rows of bright stitching to fancy inlays; from water buffalo calf to American Alligator; there is little to limit the creativity, imagination, or indiviuality of the customer.We make five different styles of western boot, including the classic dress wellington, the full wellington, the napoleon and two styles of lace-up boot for both men and women.

tall ostrich tan bronc tejas balmoral


Boots made for "show" can, and often do, embody the most fanciful designs ever put to leather. The sky's the limit here. Landscapes, logos, intricate filigree, wild colors and, of course, exotic leathers are the rule rather than the exception. Let your imagination run wild!

purple filigree tejasflamingo inlay tejas

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Ordering Custom Boots

Ordering a pair of boots by mail or on-line is, at best, problematic. To do the job correctly and to provide the utmost satisfaction for the customer, some way of measuring the foot or "proofing" the fit must be available. Naturally, we would prefer to see and measure the customer "in-shop," but sometimes that is simply not possible. To that end, we offer an order form and a comprehensive set of instructions for self measurement in Adobe PDF format. This requires that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader ver. 3.01 --a browser plugin. Acrobat Reader is a free download from Adobe, and well worth having as it will read and print documents which were created on other platforms. Each page can be opened and printed by clicking on the appropriate link, provided you have already installed Reader. If the pages do not display or print correctly from within your browser, try right-clicking on the file and selecting "save as." This will save a copy of the file to your hard disk, where you can open and print it with Reader--this usually works, regardless of the browser. Or you may want to download the Measuring Forms and Order Packet (197kb). This packet consists of four pages, each page formatted as a separate PDF file. All four pages are zipped for convenient download.

Page 1 (87kb),   Page 2 (50kb),   Page 3 (54kb),   Page 4 (49kb),

It should be recognized, however, that it is almost inconceivable that the customer will obtain the same measurements and assess the foot in the same way as the bootmaker. To address these issues, we insist upon a "fitter's model" or a trial boots for all mail order work.

We offer a wide range of leathers in many different colors, from fine Spanish calf, kangaroo, and water buffalo calf, to alligator and ostrich. Because we are "bespoke" makers, almost any configuration of leathers, colors or ornamentation is possible. We offer four heel heights, from 7/8" to 18/8" (2 1/4"), and a number of different toe shapes and widths.

Currently, we have a waiting list of two and a half (2 1/2) years .

A deposit of one-half the total price is required at the time of the order and locks in both price and place on the waiting list. The balance due upon delivery. A small earnest money deposit puts your name on the waiting list but does not finalize the price nor the order.

Because we are "bespoke" makers, we do not have a catalog, as such. Each order is unique to the customer. The specifics of prices, leather selection, styling options, and measuring forms will provided upon further serious inquiry. All mail orders require a small fee to cover shipping and handling of samples, measuring kits and/or photos or artwork.

Those interested in further information are urged to inquire further -- by email (see link below) or at the phone number or postal address displayed on the title page.

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